I’ve gotten ambiguous phrases like ‘Please get mommy something

In 2014, Banco Popular in Puerto Rico harnessed people power to maximize authenticity of its creative content. The bank orchestrated a social campaign featuring dozens of ordinary people that also spurred the island to “move forward.” Small business owners were invited to promote their products and services. To ensure consistent executional standards, the bank built a full fledged production studio..

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Fake Designer Bags Anyway, some confessions aren’t nearly as cute. “There are always a few a year that confess things that can be considered crimes. I’ve gotten ambiguous phrases like ‘Please get mommy something nice after what daddy did to her.’ How the hell are we supposed to interpret that? Did her dad hit her mom? Was it a divorce? Was it a playful kiss or hug she misinterpreted? We don’t know, so we need to respond with something like ‘Your mother may like something nice from you, like a hug.’ And keep it like that. Fake Designer Bags

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