He never had a cigarette out of his hand and he weighed 95lbs

The British rock star’s reputation of rampant sexual consumption inspired an offering of a warm dead body to sleep with when he was on tour in Philadelphia an offer he later declined.He was fixated on Hitler and watched Nazi movies while high on cocaine a vice that nearly killed him.Bowie snorted so much coke for years he had to have cartilage removed from his body and put in his nose. He never had a cigarette out of his hand and he weighed 95lbs.’David Bowie was his very own creation, his very own work of art.’His entire professional career was one of myth, legend and invention.’Fame: A new biography reveals the rock star would engage in orgies, have multiple affairs at once, and even invite others to watch him have sexBowie broke out of the monochrome world of his upbringing in southeast England in the 70s dressed like a pansexual spaceman in a Day Glo jumpsuit, sashaying across the screen like a 1920s film star, with dyed flame red hair.The son of a cinema usherette and a promotions officer for Bernardo’s, a children’s charity, Bowie, born David Jones, stated it was a happy childhood but also a lonely one.’I saw people deprived around me and kids going to school with their shoes falling apart and kids looking like urchins.The impression was strong enough to inspire him to be a star rather than a great musician or artist.But there was a dark cloud over his mother’s side of the family that was riddled with mental instability.Two or three of his aunts committed suicide; three of his mother’s sisters were described as nuts, and one even had a lobotomy because of ‘bad nerves’.Bowie was inspired to be a star rather than a great musician or artist (pictured in his pre glam phase in 1971)His mother had had two previous children, one a girl, the other, Terry, a half brother to Bowie and eleven years older.Bowie’s father didn’t want Terry in the house and made Bowie the chosen one. Their mother, Margaret was good with babies, but then abandoned them after that.David was nurtured; Terry was not.

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