You will get a lot of information and theories

This is a mystery investigated. Should have analytical skills. And writing a little (not necessarily high, but we focus on justified).

Awarded a single [50w] or a card as well.

Norman Young noble family is a famous detective in England. He has taken [you] and Dandley, the assistant to the manor of Maurice. A millionaire is invited to join one meal.

What is the need to submit an application?

Who can ask the character once? Who will ask? Ask anything but the characters will lie or not consider themselves. The question is to return every time the new proposal.

The theory does not have to be right, but if your theory is interesting to get more points. This stage will not be eliminated, but will accumulate points for the winner (unless the person is dressed up for the wrong thing or do anything wrong). You will get a lot of information and theories. You will be deducted 20 points every time you ask, because you steal the theory of others, read the analysis of the good. Asked to use the right people. Wish you good luck

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