You get the impression that it was recently destroyed

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After reading canada goose black friday sale the thread: Am I the only one canada goose outlet uk bothered by a few things in the movie? I liked it, but some parts just bothered me. Like where did the other half of Asgard go? canada goose outlet canada goose coats on sale in usa Couldn Loki have goose outlet canada had a better trick? It was so lame to canada goose clearance try and stick Thanos with his little dagger canada goose outlet sale rolls eyes

And I pretty sure Wakanda cheap canada goose uk had canada goose outlet nyc canadian goose jacket more weapons than just spears buy canada goose jacket cheap and canada goose factory outlet shields? Why canada goose outlet shop not use Canada Goose sale machines in that scenario? Fighting that kind of human sized, endless monster canada goose outlet store army with your fists and spears? Really? Where did the rhinos go? The only Canada Goose Coats On Sale thing (.) that could hit more than one Canada Goose Outlet monster at a time was Thor!

Also the movie was a bit rushed all together, there were canada goose clearance sale so canada goose outlet store uk many death and devastation that could have been explored just a little bit more to make the audience feel buy canada goose jacket the pain of the characters, instead everything canada goose outlet parka just happened, Asgard was canada goose outlet online uk no more, then Loki dies, Canada Goose Online then 2000 other things happen. The only 2 death that took more than 3 seconds was Gamora and Spiderman.

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No my issue is that they could have had weapons of mass destruction. We are past the stage where soldiers fight each other on a grand battle field with canada goose outlet new york city uk canada goose their fists, swords and spears, or even guns. War technology has advanced so much, especially in this canada goose coats universe I mean look at Stark and look at Wakanda. It was strictly for the purpose of having a traditional battle scene that they used such simple weapons and did not fit the advanced technology of Wakanda.

And in this film he went to Nidavellir to have the dwarves forge Canada Goose online him a gauntlet. You get the impression that it was recently destroyed, but it could have been a while since that happened. I say recently because when Thor is confronted, he mentions that Asgard was destroyed, which happened about a week (or less) canada goose uk black friday before this movie started, and it is accepted as an answer.

So I curious what the timeline is. canada goose black friday sale Did Thanos have the gauntlet forged a while ago, sitting on a shelf, and said, “Screw Canada Goose Parka it, I do it myself” after having the gauntlet forged and just letting it sit Canada Goose Jackets there? Or did he grab yet another decoy and finally had the dwarves forge a gauntlet. a gauntlet that was well known enough to have several decoys made of it?

The whole timeline canada goose uk outlet around the gauntlet and fake gauntlets is very confusing.

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I not so sure. In game tech is clearly beyond ours from a lore standpoint, like, they have drones, canada goose outlet canada and teleporters, and bombs, and force fields (aside from magic). They have war airships. We don even have those. We only seem to really just have better/bigger jets, everything else seems represented in the game at some point uk canada goose outlet I think. There tech in the game to theoretically puree armies, roast canada goose outlet with flying robots, and put snipers on the horizon (arguably with way bigger toolkits than IRL snipers). canada goose store Maybe it can be argued canada goose factory sale canada goose outlet reviews that gnome tech should totally obliterate the forsaken and the only reason it hasn is so the game canada goose outlet black friday can keep going I guess

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I think you right to a point. Gnome tech does break the argument. It a reason I think it doesn have a place in WoW. Never liked it. However while there is representation of things we can do, it canada goose outlet jackets not on our level.

Where canada goose there are analogues they are usually canada goose uk shop experimental, where ours are tested, proven and mass canada goose outlet uk sale produced.

We don have canada goose jacket outlet giant airships because it a cheap Canada Goose bad move tactically. They giant floating targets canada goose outlet toronto factory (as displayed in the Legion trailer). But don underestimate the creative ways we already developed to destroy one another. When you start digging into existing military tech it is chilling and becomes very apparent that canadagoosejacketsalesca humans are second to none at killing things.

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The story finishes in the silverpine forest questline, though you have to be canada goose black friday horde to go through it. However, you only need to be level 10 to start it. I highly recommend rolling an undead just to play through the zone, and you can just go back to your current character if you want. It is arguably the best zone in canada goose outlet online wow and my personal favorite. The story and atmosphere are top notch. Not to give too much away, but a decent chunk of the questline is spent in gilneas and you see several characters that were important in the worgen story.

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