With the launch of Fintech Edge in partnership with Rubique

homepage There is no doubt that more and more businesses are making use of live chat tools as a way to caterto their customers there are many tools on the market,live chatprovidesa host of benefits such as enhanced customer interaction, quicker response rates, increased customer satisfaction and improved chat support productivity. These benefitsare sure ways to stay competitive within yourindustry, but only if done correctly.

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high quality replica handbags Commenting on the occasion,Joy Chakraborthy, President Revenue Network 18 and CEO, Forbes India said, “Network 18 has always pioneered in thought leadership and fintech firms are at the forefront of creating the biggest paradigm shift in the financial services industry. CNBC TV18 believes that the recent moves by the government along with vigorous activity in fintech space in India has accelerated interest in the fintech ecosystem and we do have an edge over the others to become a global fintech superpower. With the launch of Fintech Edge in partnership with Rubique, CNBC TV18 aims to set a new platform that recognizes the young icons, acts as a knowledge sharing platform that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.” high quality replica handbags

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