“While traditional drivers of spending increases have gone up

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Oh, it’s been awesome. Bear in mind that when I wrote the story I didn’t know anyone in aerospace at all. I had no connections whatsoever.

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Chloe Replica Bags We’re trying to track it down through a New Jersey vendor and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it actually comes to fruition,” she said.Aside from the storm related issues, Leclerc said the state’s alliance district funding system has wrought havoc on the town’s budget.The program was instituted to provide state assistance to towns with schools performing in the bottom 30 on standardized tests, and cannot be used to supplant school budgets.While state funding to schools was formerly funneled through town budgets, educational cost sharing funding is now given directly to schools along with alliance district money.”In the past when the money came through it was passed along to the board of education, it was passed along to support their operating budget,” Leclerc said. “Now any increase in monies is earmarked for special programs that need to be created and delivered, adding more support, so the actual core base of the budget is deteriorated.”While traditional drivers of spending increases have gone up, such as contractual employee salary increases and rising fuel costs, Leclerc said state funding for education has essentially remained flat, increasing the burden on municipalities and taxpayers.The schools received $1.7 million in state funding in 2012, $4.3 million in the current fiscal year, and are slated to receive $6.9 million next year.Rather than allowing towns to direct how money will be allocated to the schools, Leclerc said the state is essentially taking over that power.”They’re using the same money, they’re just labeling it alliance, so they’re managing the town’s budget,” Leclerc said. “We’re not against education reform by any means, and I actually applaud Governor Malloy’s efforts to initiate this and reinvest in our students, but it’s a cost that my community can’t afford.” Chloe Replica Bags.

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