“Whether there should be confidence that no racially

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cheap oakleys 1, he was excellent working with pitchers, and No. 2, he had that calming effect, even in the heat of the game. The pitchers just felt that they were so prepared cheap oakley sunglasses, so ready to go out and compete and be successful. His views will come as a severe blow to the Met, which has admitted that its officers were grossly incompetent but strongly denies allegations of racism. Dr Oakley, a former academic, is eminent in race training. He has worked with the Home Office, the Met and other police forces for many years.Dr Oakley says definitions of racism need to be re examined, and that the problem is not as is believed by many in the police service confined to “a few rotten apples”.This concept, which gained widespread acceptance after Lord Scarman’s report into the Brixton riots in 1981, is at odds with such phenomena as the disproportionate numbers of black men stopped and searched on the streets by police, he says.”It is quite unrealistic that minority concerns about differentials in stop and search, about the police response to racial attacks, and about police demeanour towards visible minorities generally, could be the result of actions solely of a small number of individuals.”At the very least, they must be the result of tendencies among a much larger number of officers, if not the outcome of normal policing’.”Dr Oakley says institutional racism lies at the heart of the problem, and was “potentially though not necessarily actually manifest in the actions of every officer involved in the events following Stephen Lawrence’s murder”.”Whether there should be confidence that no racially discriminatory treatment of any kind took place, eg of a more subtle and unintended nature, is an entirely different matter,” he says. cheap oakleys

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