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Céline, activist and Hitlerian informant

Annick Durrafour and Pierre-André Taguieff show the total antisemitic and pronazi commitment of
THE WORLD OF BOOKS | by Nicolas Weill

In a river book, Celine, the race, the Jew, the philosopher and sociologist Pierre-André Taguieff and the https://www.replicapradabagsonsale.com literature specialist Annick Durrafour show that the author of Voyage at the end of the night ( 1932) was not only a convinced anti-Jew but an activist and then an active agent of Nazi Germany, before encouraging the first steps of the post-war period. Did you want to end the legend of Celine “cursed writer”

– Annick Durrafour: After the war, it is Celine himself who works to substitute the image of the accursed writer to that of the
– Pierre-André Taguieff: Our objective was to contribute to the demythologisation of the Céline question, more than half a century after the death of the
– Some think that the focus on the case of the only Celine leads to obscure the responsibility of other writers who also spread anti-Semitism to the same

D In the space of anti-Semitism feather of the 1930s, we meet marginal extremists (Henry Coston, Henri-Robert Petit, Louis Darquier, John Boissel,
– Far from being a despised sniper, Celine would according to you occupied a central place in antisemitic circles or those of the

Celine’s commitment under the occupation is polymorphous: reissues of pamphlets augmented with often unworthy propaganda photos, publication of Fine Sheets (1941), open letters to newspapers pushing for the radicalization of anti-Jewish politics, initiative of a summit meeting of the collaborationist leaders, support to the French Volunteer Legion (LVF) and to France – The collaboration of Is Celine Limiting to Writing?

– Is Celine an SD Agent?

talks with politiciansanti-Jewish, propaganda (Institute for the study of Jewish questions), the SD or the French People’s Party of Jacques Doriot, the propaganda councils he gives to Fernand de Brinon, the informative information he transmits to Epting, his frequent visits Avenue Foch, in the premises of the German police, his meeting with the head of the Gestapo, Bömelburg, while he has just learned the current extermination of the Jews of Europe, all this confirms these statements of leaders
– Can we feel its influence after the war on the writers of the extreme right or in the first steps of negationism?

– What “theoretical” background draws from Celinian anti-Semitism?

– Has Céline’s rejection of the Popular Front and Communism, long told in “Bagatelles…”, been decisive?

– < br> – In your book, you reverse the usual perspective that ste, among those “who are in good faith”, to be surprised that such a great writer has written so miserable

This example, among many, requires to ask, on Celine, a new question: how could this man of order, reactionary, antihumanist and antiprogressist, write Voyage…? Céline confides himself the answer to his friend and confidant Joseph Garcin: “To know what the reader asks, to follow the fashion like the midgets, it is the job of the writer very materially constrained, it is the condition without which no serious draw (only aspect that counts). To succeed in his entry into literature, the writer had to adapt to expectations and listen Prada Bags Replica to his time, especially as it was.

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