When he’s not feeling well, instead of taking any medicine

A “sport” requires athleticism. Athletes are people who demonstrate superior physical skill in the areas of strength, agility and stamina. Think of the mythological gods and heroes who personified the highest physical virtues: Hermes (speed), Hercules (strength), Aphrodite (stamina).

A player can amass defeated armies from various factions and integrate them into their retinue, where they can then be part of the player’s team in future missions or matches. In the first two games, captured buildings can produce enemy units. Defog of War: Some races in II and III can research a series of upgrades that remove the fog of war and eventually expose the whole map.

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Though it’s never outright stated that any character in Ranma is a weirdness magnet, it is a fairly easy conclusion to leap to. While the world itself clearly is full of weirdness the existence of the various Martial Arts and Crafts practitioners, plus the cursed, easy to fall into Jusenkyo ponds, prove it it does seem that Ranma, Akane and the other characters do have a particular knack for getting involved with the more bizarre parts of life. Kuno manages to be the 1 millionth customer to a “Pull the Wish Granting Sword from the Stone” contest, which means he gets the three wishes.

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