Whatever it may be, a Valentine ‘s Day gift is expected, with

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Hermes Belt Replica The survey shines the light on the ideas, behaviour and gifting patterns that are expected this Valentine’s Day.Almost 68 per cent of respondents stated their intent to celebrate Valentine’s Day in some manner, with 37 per cent planning time with their Valentine alone, 22 per cent with their friends, and 8 per cent looking forward to their first date this Valentine’s.While V Day is seemingly more popular amongst women, the survey reveals that on an average, men plan to spend over Rs.740 on gifts, which is higher than women who are looking at an average gift spend of Rs.670 this Valentine’s.Also, there’s a large variation between the preferred gifts for men and women.Most men plan to play safe with flowers (42 per cent) or chocolates (27 per cent) but a significant number (17 per cent) are getting more adventurous, and plan to gift something naughty.The top three gifts in the women’s list for their Valentines are gadgets (34 per cent), perfumes (19 per cent) or accessories (16 per cent). Interestingly, naughty gifts are still fairly low in the list of gifts to give, for women.As many as 41 per cent of men, and 30 per cent of women intend to send their V Day gifts through online shopping sites or apps.Whatever it may be, a Valentine ‘s Day gift is expected, with one in seven women saying they would even break their relationship if they do not receive a Valentine’s gift this year, as per the survey.Also, it is rather motivating for married women to note that 41 per cent of married men pre plan for Valentine’s Day as compared to 31 per cent unmarried men, who prepare in advance for their girlfriends.”Valentine’s Day celebrations are no longer just a metro phenomenon, it has taken root even in the tier II and tier III towns. While flowers and chocolates have been all time favourites, the largest growth is in the customised gifts and naughty gifts categories.”Some other findings from the survey: 42 per cent females feel Valentine’s is over hyped, compared to 47 per cent males but many will still celebrate; 15 per cent respondents feel Valentine’s should be a national holiday; and 29 per cent of men, and 31 per cent of women have changed their Valentine at least once in the past five years Hermes Belt Replica.

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