We have decided to stay married

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Hermes Replica Bags Apartment 110 m sixth / seventh / Taman
Upper Tower Bianchi
Street Point Sahel Tani Nimra of Hanafi Street
Modern destinations / Electricity and water facilities / Elevator / security and guard / marble stair / hotel entrance
installment Up to 24 months (reception immediately after the contract)
Consists of reception 2 pieces / 3 bedrooms / kitchen / bathroom
a tribal face on a wide street and vital and steps from the main Bitash
Bmqd contract (600000 c)
and total 135000 c < > Comprehensive services & facilities
Big discount in case of cash. Tags: Construction Co. For Contracting & Real Estate Marketing
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Cairo Office / 6 El Wahda El Araba Street – Gesr El Suez – Telephone / Fax / 0221834183 – Alexandria Branch / 6 Ain Shams St. – El Bitash – El Dekheila – Suez Branch / 1 Arafat Street – Port Tawfiq > Telephone / 062321889
Port Said Branch / 8 Damietta & El Gomhoureya St. – First Floor Krimar Agent
Tel: 0663334416-0663334439-0663334413
Fax / 0663341845
Damietta Branch
Aswan Branch
Salloum Branch Nubiea Branch
Web site:. Hermes Bags Replica

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Replica Hermes Surprise :: Opening the ground floor with garden and without
Book your unit now

Enjoy the quiet, luxury and spectacular views in one place
and take advantage of the biggest investment opportunity for businessmen.
::: The price of the meter is increasing :::
► Introduction Contract is located in Kampund Daghalh Palmz after Dream Land Oasis Road 8 km in the most active areas of Cairo
In an atmosphere of calm away from the congestion and pollution in the city 6th of October
The project is a few steps from the Media Production City and Dream Land. It is about 20 minutes from central Cairo via the ring road Replica Hermes.

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