Was March merely a pause before a further selloff or was it the

Okay. I think that the first time I ever used iodine pills. The only time I used filters is in the deserts of Utah or Arizona. Sign in / Join NowSummaryREITs rebounded slightly in March but finished the 1st quarter down about 9%.Large cap REITs significantly outperformed smaller market cap REITs.Shopping Center REITs experienced the worst selloff of all property types.REITS underperformed the S 500 in Q1, but outperformed in March as the broader market continued to sell off.Was March merely a pause before a further selloff or was it the beginning of a comeback for REITs?Summary The REIT sector experienced a significant sell off in January and February with a total return of 12.32%. In March, however, REITs rebounded slightly with a 3.67% return. After severely underperforming the broader market during January and February, REITs produced a solid March outperformance over the negative returns of the S 500 ( 2.69%), NASDAQ ( 2.88%) and DJIA ( 3.70%).

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