Walk yourself forward with your hands to the end of your

Revenues grew 9% YoY to Rs 530 crore (I direct estimate: Rs 488 crore) mainly due to 110% YoY growth in African branded formulation to Rs 109 crore (I direct estimate: Rs 83 crore). Domestic sales grew 6% YoY to Rs 148 crore, in line with I direct estimate of Rs 151 crore EBITDA margins contracted 743 bps YoY to 26.3% (I direct estimate: 33.0%), lowest in the past three years, mainly due to higher costs related to commissioning of new plants. EBITDA declined 13% YoY to Rs 140 crore (I direct estimate: Rs 161 crore) Net profit declined 17% YoY to Rs 95 crore (I direct estimate: Rs 116 crore) mainly due to a below expected operational performance..

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