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the Other Irish

Two Traditions in IrelandPatty Inglish’s Hub, Orange on St. moncler outlet trebaseleghe Patrick’s Day, got me to thinking about the other Irish the Scot Irish of Northern Ireland and a comment I once read, which I think it was made by the Irish moncler uomo politician/journalist Conor Cruise O’Brien, about the moncler outlet serravalle two religious and cultural traditions of Ireland.

moncler outlet online shop While the majority of the population of the Irish Republic is Roman Catholic there is also the moncler bambino outlet Protestant majority in the North of Ireland in the six counties that chose to remain a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There is also the Church of Ireland which is a part of the world wide Anglican Communion with members in both the Republic and Northern Ireland. moncler outlet online shop

I can easily relate to O’Brien’s observation as I moncler outlet online uomo am a product of both cultures since, on my Father’s side, my grandfather and his family were Catholics from Navan in County Meath in what is now the Republic of Ireland while my great grand parents on my Father’s side were Catholics from what is now the Ulster Province of Northern Ireland. that occurred in the decades immediately before and immediately after the American Revolution.

And, just to give my siblings and I representation from the Anglican Protestant tradition my Mother, as a teenager, had become a member of moncler saldi uomo the Anglican Church (actually, she probably had other reasons, unknown to me, for converting as she did it before thinking of marriage, let alone future children).

A Confusion Over a ChurchI remember my Father telling a story about an American Army chaplain stationed temporarily in Dublin, Ireland with American troops during World War I (at time when all of Ireland was still under British rule).

moncler outlet The Chaplin was an Irish American Catholic priest who was passionate about his Irish heritage. The Chaplin’s unit was probably a New York National Guard unit that consisted of mostly Irish American troops. moncler outlet

So, for St. Patrick’s Day the Chaplin rounded up all of the Irish in the unit and began leading them in his own impromptu parade to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.

moncler saldi outlet It wasn’t moncler outlet until they outlet moncler had almost reached the Cathedral that a lieutenant was able to get the Chaplin to listen to him and make him understand that St. Patrick’s Cathedral, unlike its counterpart in New York City, was a Protestant, and not a Catholic, church. I think I also recall seeing a scene like this in an old World War I movie moncler bambino saldi but don’t have moncleroutlet-i a clue to its name. moncler saldi outlet

moncler bambino saldi Today, of course the Catholic chaplain probably would moncler outlet online shop have continued the march to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and, more than likely, would have been invited in to celebrate Mass there. moncler bambino saldi

piumini moncler uomo But things were different in that era and the lieutenant did him a big favor in steering him clear of what would have been a very embarrassing situation in front of his men to say nothing of the wrath of his bishop when word got back home. piumini moncler uomo

moncler outlet online uomo England first became involved with Ireland in 1169 when one of the parties in a dispute over who would be the High King of Ireland went to England and sought help from some Norman Lords in England. moncler outlet online uomo

piumini moncler outlet The King of England, Henry II, was busy in France at the time defending his lands in France (in addition to being King of England, Henry was also the Duke of Normandy and lord of other lands in France). However, when Henry returned in 1171 he took over the operation in Ireland and began establishing Norman control over Ireland. The Norman lords and their followers were an independent lot and after a generation or two went native and joined the Irish in their fight against British rule. piumini moncler outlet

moncler saldi uomo The Irish and Norman nobility were also a practical lot who were concerned with maintaining their estates in Ireland. I discovered this years ago when, while doing some research, I moncler outlet serravalle discovered that every book I looked at, whether it was written from the British point of view or the Irish, people with my family name, Nugent, were always among the good guys. moncler saldi uomo

Upon further inquiry I discovered that it was the practice of the nobility to always have at least two sons so that in every conflict one son would fight with the British and one with the Irish which would guarantee that one member of the family would be on the winning side thereby being able to keep the piumini moncler saldi family lands the other son then went into exile on the Continent which is why the name Nugent along with many other Irish moncler donna names are found in so many places in the world.

With the rise of Protestantism and the English monarchy’s embrace of it, a religious dimension was added to the mix. Beginning with King James I in the early 1600s, efforts were begun to crush Irish rebellion once and for all. Beginning with the Ulster area which was the center of the strongest resistance to British rule, James and his successors not only confiscated the lands of the Irish nobility in that area but also drove the peasants from the land. Title to the estates were given to British nobles and the Irish peasants replaced with Presbyterians (Calvinists) who were taken mostly from the Lowlands of Scotland and transported to the North of Ireland. This created a large religious divide in Ireland.

16th or 17th Century Irish Tenant Cottage

moncler outlet serravalle Renaissance moncler saldi Era Irish tenant cottage. (Display provided by Croft Celtic Reenactment Organization for Fellowship Trades at Arizona Renaissance Festival in Phoenix, AZ ) Source moncler outlet serravalle

piumini moncler Ireland Remained DividedDespite continued wars and persecutions, the British were unable to colonize Ireland with non Catholics beyond the northern counties. piumini moncler

moncler outlet trebaseleghe Just as the potato famine a century led to the piumini moncler scontatissimi mass migration of predominantly Catholic Irish from the south of Ireland in the mid nineteenth century, similar economic forces resulted in the mass migration of mostly Protestant Irish to America in the eighteenth century. moncler outlet trebaseleghe

piumini moncler scontatissimi In this case the cause of the migration was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the rise in the demand for wool needed in cloth production. This resulted in the British landlords refusing to renew the leases of their tenant farmers in the North of Ireland in order to convert the land to pasture for sheep and wool production. piumini moncler scontatissimi

moncler saldi This mass migration of Protestant Irish from the North of Ireland occurred in the decades immediately before and immediately after the American Revolution and they became the first large group of Irish settlers in what is now the United States. moncler saldi

moncler bambino outlet While John Kennedy is often acclaimed as the first American President of Irish descent, he is really the first President of Irish Catholic descent, having had all four of his grandparents being Irish born or of direct Irish ancestry. Actually Andrew Jackson was the first President of direct Irish descent having been born to parents both of whom had been born in Ireland but they were Northern Irish Protestants. moncler bambino outlet

moncler uomo Many other Presidents, including George Washington and Barack Obama, have some Irish ancestry in their background with most of it moncler saldi outlet being Scot Irish. moncler uomo

outlet moncler While these Irish Protestants of the eighteenth century migration originally identified themselves as Irish, they had moved up economically and socially by the time of the potato famine and the mass migration of the poor Irish Catholics. In an attempt to separate themselves from the new mass of Irish who were both poor and Catholic, these descendants of the early Irish migration began identifying themselves as Scot Irish, a name which stuck. outlet moncler

As the later Irish began establishing themselves and forming fraternal and social organizations to help their members and preserve their heritage, so too, did the Scot Irish began forming their own historical, cultural and social societies giving rise to two distinct Irish groups in the United States.

moncler donna However, across the Atlantic, the Irish seeking to create a their own state continued to consider the nation to include the entire island despite piumini moncler outlet the fact that, at the time of partition, the Protestant residents of the six counties in the north voted to remain with Britain. Under the Irish Constitution, residents of Northern Ireland are considered citizens of the Republic with the right to vote in Irish elections. moncler donna

piumini moncler saldi Also, according to many the orange in the Irish tri color flag was put there in recognition of the north. Green, of course is the traditional color associated with Ireland and the piumini moncler flag under which the Fenian Army, of Irish American Civil War Veterans who invaded Canada in 1866 in a failed attempt to capture piumini moncler uomo and ransom it for Irish independence, fought under a green banner with a gold harp in the center piumini moncler saldi.

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