The work was conducted at the European Synchrotron Radiation

The X ray images reveal information about the ancient animal’s brain and tantalising evidence of the insects that may have fed on the dead body.The work was conducted at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France, which has developed expertise in the non destructive study of fossils.Probing such artefacts with a brilliant light source is the only way to see inside the specimens without actually breaking them apart.South African researchers took the skull of the juvenile, 1.9 million year old creature, and many other parts of its skeleton, to the European facility for a two week investigation.Firm ageThe ESRF uses a technique known as micro tomography to assemble its images. This involves taking a series of a high contrast, high resolution X ray radiographs of the target fossil in rotation to build up a 3D representation.One of the main reasons for undertaking the study was so that scientists could learn more about A. Sediba’s teeth and get a firm age for the juvenile at death.The X ray images can discern the fine details of internal growth lines and other hidden features.”The teeth are very beautiful especially the third molars, the non erupted teeth; and given the quality of the scans we will have no problem virtually extracting them to study them,” said the ESRF’s Dr Paul Tafforeau.”What we want to know is the real age at death and not just the developmental age, or modern equivalent age, because what we want to track is how, during the evolution of hominids, the life stories slowed down to go from a pattern that is rapid like apes to one which is slow like modern humans,” he told BBC News.It will take a year at least to complete this investigation.The analysis of the terabytes of data produced at the ESRF has only really just started, but the early analysis of the complete skull has already thrown up some intriguing observations.Among them are what appear to be three fossilised insect eggs inside the skull.”We have to be cautious because it is possible they are modern insects; we have to look more at the data,” said Dr Tafforeau.”But their high density suggests they are fossils, and if that is the case they could correspondent to the insects that came to eat on the flesh of the body at the time of death.”Researchers also identified a low density area within the skull which could be a remnant of the brain after its bacterial decay.

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