The family members of the victims are true heroes

What do we do about Dylan Storm Roof

?Jump to Last Post 1 6 of canada goose outlet boston 6 discussions (18 posts)I’m posting this because canada goose outlet vip I need a place to talk about the SC murders and how I have been affected by it. I was surprised that I didn’t see a thread on this.The senseless murders of good decent people in a SC church on Wednesday June 17, 2015 got me to thinking if anybody ever deserved the death penalty it is Dylan Storm Roof who murdered nine people in cold blood with premeditation after spending a hour with them in Bible study because he hated black people. When I first heard about this, I was thinking no punishment is too canada goose victoria parka outlet harsh for him.But then I watched the families of the victims, one by one, look Roof in the eye as they struggled to contain their grief, and say that they forgave him. And I knew that the death penalty is immoral no matter how heinous the crime or the murderer. The families showed immense dignity and set an example for us all about how to hold to your moral ideals no matter how great the challenge.The family members of the victims are true heroes.littlethingposted 3 years agoin reply to thisWhoa whoa. Let me get this straight. You’re going to punish a cheap canada goose 21 year canada goose outlet uk sale old man’s parents for what he did? He’s been an adult for three years now. Apparently, he’s been living with a roommate, not at home. So how much would the parents know? When you were 21, how much did your parents really know about your life and what you were doing? Now take into canada goose outlet belgium account the Internet. I can find groups online that worship purple dragons, and think bread is the root of all evil if I looked really hard. Do you think finding hate groups would be all that difficult? Probably not. Could he have canada goose outlet online uk learned some racism off the Internet? I’d bet my last dime on it. We have little to no clue as to the family. If it’s proven the father was a high member canada goose parka outlet uk of the KKK, thats one thing. I have heard nothing even hinting at this. It should be a matter of he did it, he gets punished. No one else. Should his roommate be in trouble for not reporting him for hate speech? No. Besides, you think in this media firestorm, they aren’t being punished?? My apologies if I offend, but he’s an adult. He was apparently living his own life. Only his actions, only his consequences. He should be in prison the rest of his life. But that’s on him, not his family.word55posted 3 years agoin reply to thisI’m sure that if all Christian people were. or should I say, if he was surrounded by Christian people and perhaps brought up with Christian values, sent to church, loved by family, friends and general public then such a crime may not have happened. Now, there are debates as to whether a Confederate flag on state’s property should come down or not. It is preposterous to have a flag that promotes segregation that seems to encourage even hate. This flag stands opposite of the American flag. There’s nothing interesting that anyone can write about the young hater. The thing to do at this point, is to write about human equality, being more spiritual so that true love can start being felt among people and remove that flag. People cannot come together without the values that God and Jesus Christ represent. People on their own cannot be as fair as the principals of Christianity. This heinous crime was motivated by satanic forces. The accused will get his day in court but Satan will move on to influence other atrocities and further succeed unless, people start believing in the spiritual foundation of a Christlike following.When horrendous murders occur, my first thought is why? Mental illness? I can guarantee that thisdude has a few screws missing out of his tool box. Who else could have walked in, sat down atBible buy canada goose uk study and then start shooting rounds? This boy is sick.Is Dylynn Roof evil? I am not a psychiatrist, but I’d bet my last marble that he has lost most of his marbles. How else could he canada goose discount uk have pulled that trigger killing nine human beings who had never harmed him?Catherine, there is no good answer to this dilemma. I believe in the death penalty. But, in this situation, I feel that the death penalty is too good for him. If he is proven sane enough to stand trial,then, he is sure to be convicted to life, without the possibility of parole.Yes, those people who gave forgiveness to Dylynn are far stronger Christians than I can ever claim to be. Unless of course he called ahead to the church to warn the members he was coming to shoot them. Somehow, I don’t think he did this. How can he possibly be given a privilege he denied his victims?I apologize. Our Justice system has always confused me. I’ve always been especially confused by the 24hr. suicide watch of a Death Row inmate.fpherj48posted 3 years agoWe all need to “talk about” this Catherine. I believe so many people are still in a state of shock, numbness and speechlessness. I personally was so appalled and so deeply saddened when first learning of this, I felt a sense of being lost in a horrendous nightmare from which I could not be awakened. I sat motionless, barely breathing or able to form a thought except of horror.It’s up to each every one of us to see to it that peace, love and a respect for the dignity of every life be a UNITED goal.

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