The driver of the tractor had a minor cut

Exploits at Cape Cross has not taken Xemplar focus away from its equally attractive Warmbad project and the company is continuing its extensive drill programme. Drill results so far at the Warmbad remain encouraging as they confirm wide zones of uraniferous granite (alaskite) at depth and are proving highly successful in prioritizing project drill targets. The Company holds a 100% exploration rights in uranium properties in the Engo Valley, Cape Cross, Aus Garub and Warmbad regions through its wholly owned Namibian subsidiary.

Marble Tile Show Caption ( + ) This granite obelisk honors the Confederate Soldiers of Mecklenburg County. The tall obelisk rests atop a tapered granite plinth which sits on a two tier granite base. A larger base of five granite steps forms the foundation for the structure. Marble Tile

slate flooring tiles The driver of the tractor had a minor cut to his hand and was treated at the scene.Saleska was also injured and was taken by ambulance to UW Hospital. He’s being treated for minor injuries, deputies say.The sheriff’s office says deputies found drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the minivan. Saleska allegedly admitted to using heroin before the crash. slate flooring tiles

Marble Countertop 37 samples of more than 1 g/t Au, including 18 samples grading over 10 g/t Au, from a total of 104 samples (Table 1)Geological mapping and rock chip sampling carried out concurrently with the on going 25,000 meter drilling program during the month of April 2017 identified two new mineralized zones. The first is a 1.5 kilometer long mineralized gold structure located approximately five kilometers northeast of Eleonore, within the prospective granite greenstone contact zone. The second mineralized zone is a potential two kilometer long vein system, about seven kilometers south of the currently defined Eleonore mineralization. Marble Countertop

travertine flooring tiles The identities and loyalties of individual convention delegates could become the subject of intense interest and scrutiny. The process of selecting them will be crucial and will be the subject of hand to hand combat in nearly every state over the next few months. In the Internet era, there is no such thing as a smoke filled backroom; once anonymous delegates could find Marble Tile themselves feeling the heat from all sides.. travertine flooring tiles

Granite Countertop After a year there, it was returned to Tennessee.”It been on the display yard at Leoma Monument for 12 to 14 years,” Huntley said.The granite memorial has the photo of Andrea Gonzalez etched onto it and the words “She touched the hearts of many.””For those of us who have children, especially,” said Cheryl Bradford, a Russellville resident. “You want to see a child get a fair chance at life, and she was so young.”Gonzalez body has never been found. Her parents, Kim and Paul Gonzalez, admitted she died after being scalded.Kim Gonzalez was convicted of child abuse in the case, but has now since been released. Granite Countertop

Nano stone Others told Beesley it was not his fault. Still, he blamed himself for the fact that his lieutenant would never see his 6 week old daughter. Guilty feelings heightened when Beesley did not contact Lt. Three drill augers were carried out to the west of the canal, just to the east near the tomb of Sidi Ali Maghrabi and then further east, south of the cemetery, which was a mound covered in Late Roman pottery. The augers confirmed that, although there was sand on the east of the canal as well as on the west, it is most likely to be part of a river system rather than a gezira. The sand was fine and this meant that it was difficult to obtain samples from deep down, so it was not possible to be certain from where the sand originated. Nano stone

Marble Slab Few cars have as loyal a following as the Shogun and rightly so. It’s always been dependable and highly capable. This latest version is the best yet, because as well as being hugely flexible, with serious off road ability and epic levels of kit, it’s economical and surprisingly CO2 friendly. Marble Slab

Granite Tile A woman in a salwar kameez and mangalsutra comes for a snack with a young girl in jeans. She orders a chicken cutlet for herself, but nods encouragingly at her young companion who orders a beef cutlet. Da Silva does brisk business in both.. I was a young congresswoman I was at a diplomatic dinner and one of the French diplomats tried to put his hand up my dress, she said. Can imagine the shock when you sitting at a dinner like that. Incidents, she said, underscored the need to provide more protections for staff on Capitol Hill as interns and aides don have the ability to defend themselves in the same way that lawmakers do Granite Tile.

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