“The dog immediately ran to Giersdorf

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Replica Handbags I was one of those poor students. It was tough to wait in the long line for lunch tickets with the other Designer Replica Handbags poor students as the rich students walked passed us. I remember the embarrassment. From there, he knew it was fate.A Sparta couple is being praised for their quick thinking actions that helped save a dog that had fallen through the ice at Memorial Park.Stefan Giersdorf and his fiance Karlie Hennen were on a Sunday drive when they stumbled upon something out of the ordinary.”I was just scanning the lake when I saw a black dot out here and when we got closer I could see it was a dog that had fallen through the ice,” he said.Giersdorf said he got out of his car, told his fiancee to call 911, and slowly began venturing out onto the ice in an attempt to help the dog.”I realized he had been out there for a while, he wasn’t struggling anymore, he was just laying flat with his head on the ice,” he said.He slowly made his way onto the ice, which he estimates is around 4 or 5 inches thick.”I was screaming for him to come to me, trying to encourage him as much as I could and all of a sudden he really started kicking and lurching out of the water and up onto the ice.”The dog immediately ran to Giersdorf, who quickly dried him off with a sweatshirt. The couple then took the dog to the Monroe County Animal Shelter.There, the dog has found a new home and has been named Walter.”We thought the name fit him perfectly,” Amber Dvorak of the shelter, said. ” Just like Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men.”Dvorak said the shelter received a tip last week that the dog had been abandoned in the park shortly before falling through the ice.”Sometimes it may seem embarrassing or it might be scary to say you can’t take care of your animal anymore but admitting that is better than just dumping it because then things like this can happen,” she said.”I love dogs, my best friend when I was a child was a dog and to see a dog like that struggling is terrible,” Giersdorf said.In the meantime, Walter is enjoying plenty of treats and exercise and looking forward to getting back to living “the dog’s life.”If you are interested in adopting or visiting with Walter, call the Monroe County Animal Shelter at 608 269 8775.Most Watched VideosMost Watched VideosMore>>Friday Sports Report: Merrill ends SPASH’s 53 game winning streakFriday Sports Report: Merrill ends SPASH’s 53 game winning streak5 arrested in connection with Vilas Co. Replica Handbags

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