The absence of a local government had helped Gurgaon become a

Behind the decision of the 9th of February: Bensouda to a
On the latest decision of the International Criminal Court, dated 9 February, everything was or seems to have been
It is important, however, to indicate that any decision of justice, generally woven of an unusual hermetic jargon, which remains its principal material, and makes its charm besides, remains quasi indecipherable by the common people, in any case, through a simple reading This is where the penetration of any judicial decision exposes to a delicate exercise, especially, when the decision is issued by an international court, in the Anglo-Saxon style, aggravated by specificities.
In view of these realities, it was necessary, to understand the ins and outs, read, with sustained attention, this last decision of the Cpi which, confess it, fell on us, while we have let us all feast on the phase of proofs and the hearing of the witnesses of the
Also for the sake of an easy understanding of this important decision, unprecedented, and hiding inevitably real mysteries, we will exercise we resort to simplified explanatory formulas, beginning by recalling the facts and the procedure that triggered everything ((I), before exposing the unconfessed motives of the one who occasioned this decision of the ICC (II), the economics of the decision in question (III), and finally, question us about its real implications for the continuation of the trial (IV).

Before going further, it is important for us to exhort and the others to read the developments below with a great concentration, although the used language is intended to make it easier.

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