That baby was Elizabeth Carr

ABOUT THIS LETTER David Tarrant was a young reporter at the Times Herald (which merged with the Daily Press in 1991), when he was assigned in 1981 to cover the birth of the first in vitro baby in the United States. That baby was Elizabeth Carr, now a senior at Simmons College in Boston. Carr will graduate in a few months and plans to become a journalist. The two recently met for the first time. David Curtis Patton, 32, was arrested on May 29 and charged with felony child abuse, accused of “causing or permitting serious injury to the life or health” of a child “by a willful act, omission or refusal to provide necessary care. ” He faces between two and 10 years in prison if convicted. The baby girl is in stable condition, Hampton police spokeswoman Cpl. 11, 2001. Hampton police spokeswoman Allison Quinones said that the baby was still being treated by doctors but was in good condition. As of yet, the baby girl does not have a name, Quinones said. “Child Protective Services will make a determination about who the baby will be placed with,” she explained.

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