) Recent graduates have also founded the likes of Birchbox

Status is King. Of course, “convenience” is a key factor. More professionals, driven by rising real estate prices, are buying homes far from city centers, so automobiles can be practical. First reading: Ezekiel 18: 21-28
Reading the prophecy of Ezekiel:

Thus says the Lord: 21 “If the wicked repents of all their sins committed, and keep all my laws, and to practice the law and justice, will live with certainty and not
– Word of the Lord
– Thank God

Psalm 129 (130)

– From the depths I cry to you Lord, hear my voice! Your ears are attentive to the cry of my prayer!

A: If you take account of our faults, who will survive?

If you take account of our faults, who will survive? But in you there is forgiveness, I fear you and in you
A: If you take account of our faults, who will survive?

– In the Lord I put my hope, > A: If you take account of our faults, who will survive?

– Expect Israel for the Lord more than watch for the dawn! For in the Lord is all grace and copiousness
A: If you take account of our faults, who is to stand?

Gospel of Jesus Christ according to St. Matthew 5, 20-26

– Hail, O Christ, the image of the Father, the full truth communicates to us!
– Cast away all your iniquity far! Create in you a new spirit and a new heart! (Ezek. 18:31)

Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ According to St.

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