Our participants might have a lower risk of cancer and

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Today she was frustrated, after failing from every side, as she left behind her life, she decided to commit suicide! He considered various ways of suicide, then he realized that if some medicines were eaten in a large quantity, a person dies. He did not know what medicines these are, there was a stock of medicines in her house, which were of different types! It had serpents, and many tablets, he had plenty of pills and started drinking serpents on the serpent! When he did all this, he came to know God, he believed that suicide is forbidden, and his punishment is hell.

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Photo Atiqul Hossain.

Firstly, our findings may not be generalisable to a broader population as our cohort consisted almost exclusively of highly educated white men. Our participants might have a lower risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease than a general population for several reasons. They were healthy at baseline and had a lower incidence of smoking and obesity than expected.

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