Not only do they have some pretty classy looking confetti

There at least one inn named after the Starblaster, and one newspaper.(Davenport, in his travels, stumbles upon a bookstore named the IPRE and laughs.(The books are never accurate, and Lup and Barry buy copies of each one so they can laugh at how wrong they are. More than one book manages to turns a simple phrase meaning into something much more dirty.)Magic shops calling themselves The Hanging Arcaneump pop up across the land, and the Umbrastaff makes a sudden resurgence as a magical focus and accessory. Red coats and cloaks and robes become the norm in clothing stores.(Someone dares to publish Taako book of quotations from the Legato Conservatory and he hits them hard with a cease and desist, before publishing his own version.)Books are published with and without consulting any of the IPRE, and bookstores start keeping sections open for speculative history, retellings of the memories, or straight up fanfiction regarding the century spent fighting.(Someone writes lurid romance novels about their travels, and Lucretia collects and reads them with relish.

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