“Mr Jnagal tried to restrain him and they fell to the floor

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cheap moncler outlet Drunk teenage thug bit off chef’s EAR in horror Broad Street attackStar City worker Connor Smith, 19, left victim Anil Jnagal permanently disfiguredSmith, of Summerlee Road, Erdington, and Mr Jnagal both worked at the Harvester in Star City and had gone out with colleagues to Broad Street on September 26.The court was told the group visited bars and by midnight Smith was drunk. After leaving a takeaway others described him behaving erratically and acting as if he wanted a physical confrontation.Tariq Shakoor, moncler outlet ny prosecuting, said he was also shouting and swearing at members of the public and Mr moncler jackets outlet online Jnagal, cheap moncler coats for women 25, decided to calm him down and reason with him.”The victim then described the defendant turning on him,” he said.”Mr Jnagal tried to restrain him and they fell to the floor with the defendant on top of Mr Jnagal. Without any warning the defendant he has bitten his ear off, quite a size of it as well.”The medical evidence is that reattachment options are limited because of moncler jackets mens the nature of the injury. cheap moncler outlet

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