Likewise, the effect on a living ecosystem and human health

Page was an odd choice for Trump. Later indicted the two Russian spies, and warned Page that the Kremlin was trying to recruit him, but he continued to pursue oil and gas deals in Russia. Had interviewed Page about his contacts with Russian officials in March, 2016 the same month that Trump named him an adviser.

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It the DNA, the raw material that contributes towards the construction of a phenotype. So far example, red hair colour is the phenotype, and the genotype that contributes to it are the versions of the MC1R gene you inherit from each parent. Each gene has two versions, called alleles.

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Radioactive Contamination: Deadly radiation from nuclear plants, uranium mining and refinement, weapons, or other industries can have a long range effect on an environment both locally and hundreds of miles away from the original contamination site. Radioactive contamination can effect every aspect of the environment including the air, water, and soil as well as various objects such as buildings and equipment which can retain radiation after massive exposure. Likewise, the effect on a living ecosystem and human health may vary greatly from causing mild discomfort, to breathing ailments, infertility, birth defects, cancer, and even death..

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Safety is a big factor here, for example the injection of genetic material into the eye may have unintended affects in humans that were not seen in the monkeys. As of September 2009 several gene therapy trials are under way to try and restore sight to people who have a serious degeneration of the retina. If they are safe and successful human gene therapy trials may be given the go ahead for people who are color blind.

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