Joshua was then kidnapped by Aion, Chrono’s former friend

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Ysl replica Almost all of the main characters in Chrono Crusade are connected to Chrono in some way, and through him to each other. Chrono met Rosette and her brother, Joshua, when they woke him up from a long sleep in a tomb. Joshua was then kidnapped by Aion, Chrono’s former friend. Chrono and Rosette join the Magdalan Order to try to find Joshua based on advice from Father Remington, a man who was trying to convince Joshua to join the Order because of his powers. Remington was also Mary Magdalene’s guard in the Order when Chrono kidnapped her back in 1870. The Elder was her foster father of sorts. During their search for Joshua, Chrono and Rosette run into Azmaria, who has powers startlingly similar to Joshua because they’re both Apostles. They all start to look for Joshua together, and run into a “jewel witch” named Satella. Satella is searching for a missing family member, and finds out that her sister, Florette, has become Fiore, Joshua’s maid and a servant of Aion. Pretty much the only characters that don’t have a strong connection to Chrono, Rosette or Aion are Sister Kate (Rosette’s commander in the Order) and Father Gilliam, an ally of Chrono and Rosette’s in the order. Ysl replica

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