It doesn matter what the subject matter is

I agree that all truths have in common that they are truths. It doesn matter what the subject matter is. It also doesn matter what modal status, semantic status, or epistemological status they have. That same day, more than 200 climbers were aiming for the top of the mountain. Four climbers died, in what is now considered one of the deadliest days on the mountain.She has no plans to slow down she told CBS news that she’d like to help younger female climbers take up climbing high mountains.5 of 10On August, 7th, 2011, 61 year old Diana Nyad, one of the world’s greatest long distance swimmers, dived into the waters of Havana, Cuba, and prepared to swim the 103 miles it would take to reach Florida. Two days later, due to asthma and ocean conditions, she had to abandon her goal.

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