Is the sister of Kael
Kael I do not like to socialize

Many Hindu pilgrims and tourists rushed from different places in the country and abroad to join the festival. On this occasion, fair matches are held in a five-day fair. The fair is from 1923 onwardsRash Lilar Mela:
Kamalganj and Kamalganj upazilas on the border of Maulvibazar district and celebrated the full moon day of Kartik Agrahayan in Adampur, the main religious festival of the Monipuri community is Ras Lila.

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The world’s largest travel site A cute little girl is friendly and clumsy. Is the sister of Kael
Kael I do not like to socialize, I do not like to drink a little bit of Miel’s sister.

: About school (Solving problems)
Story: Miel and Kael have to take care of the school while both of them

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My name is My whole life changed because of the NYPD
I got arrested just walking down the street
And spent three years on Rikers Island before they set me free

Those three years was like a reoccurring dream
I got jumped by the Bloods and the YGs
The correction officers ignored my screams
Not one person listened when I tried to speak

Back and fourth to But I didn’t do Anger swelled my Anytime I spoke up for
In the winter I shivered and felt like I was gonna freeze
In the summer I baked in 100 degrees
Mice and rats nibble at my feet when I try to get to sleep
The guards slid a tray of food with worms in the meat

I needed When they let me They heard my Jay-Z came through New York Times interviewing me

They gave me salutes for surviving the beast
They call me a I can’t So I sued the corrections and the powers that be
Torture is what my life means
I couldn’t take it no more so I made a noose with bed sheets
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… the transition into higher
This hormonal/emotional transition happens as we have more and more birthdays/ laps around the sun on this planet as ALL men and women require a recalibration of our own feminine and masculine dualistic balance within our current human
So men, women and transgender and everyone in between (however your beautiful body appears on this earth) this is for YOU!

This movement into higher wisdom from human reproductive templates to cosmic higher heart wisdom occurs in most all humans living in a physical body on this
When you find your hormonal/emotional experience in this body swinging like a pendulum and feeling hilghly polarized energy of the extremes, my advice is:
Ride the wave!

Pull into your center (meditation space) and notice your emotional body and the interplay with your
Sit still and really notice and feel the build of the hormones in the body like the swell of an oncoming
If you’ve ever surfed you know that feeling of the undercurrent starting to bow up and swell underneath you with building
It’s like
Feel into the ebb and flow so much that you lean into the peaks and valleys like a roller coaster! Something you would pay and stand in line to experience the thrill of!

It is a time of moving into your higher density light body – age of wisdom alignment within the hormonal balance of the human
You are now the Sage and Wisdom Ride on cosmic mamas and papas!
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