In the mornings I used to stretch and feel my entire body

Student learns to embrace psoriasis that causes her skin to crack

(Picture: Charlotte Agnew / MDWfeatures)19 year old Charlotte Agnew first noticed red spots appearing on her skin not long after she moved to university.

cheap moncler coats The television student from Ellastone, Staffordshire gradually lost her self confidence as people started staring in shock and confusion at her angry red skin, which started to crack and bleed. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet store Charlotte moncler sale was diagnosed with psoriasis, and tried a variety of different steroid creams and treatments, which she found tedious to apply. On top of that, they didn’t actually help her condition. moncler outlet store

While she learned to embrace her psoriasis and began walking with confidence down the street with her limbs on show she also discovered that it was lifestyle changes that cheap moncler jackets made the most difference to her skin.

moncler jackets outlet Now at university in Cornwall, she enjoys swimming in the sea, finding that the saltwater soothes her moncler mens jackets skin and being out in the sun has helped her spots fade. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets ‘As the spots began to spread, it continued to edge cheap moncler coats away at my confidence. People were either shocked because of how painful my skin looked or either confused because they had never seen skin like it before. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler ‘I felt alienated because I had not seen anybody else with the same skin as mine. In the mornings I used to stretch and feel my entire body crack open and bleed, which was why I felt trapped in a shell as my skin felt foreign and painful. It was hard to feel comfortable when my skin itself was uncomfortable. cheap moncler

moncler outlet sale ‘How I feel now about my psoriasis is a huge contrast to how I felt before. My confidence has grown as I have learned to accept my skin condition as a part of my identity. I no moncler outlet longer feel gross, and instead have embraced my skin as a unique pattern. moncler outlet sale

moncler jacket sale Charlotte admits it took her a while to be able to walk down the streets with the skin on her arms and legs exposed. She says a lot of people do stare, but she often gets strangers coming and asking what skin condition she has, so she’s able to spread awareness of psoriasis. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler jackets sale ‘I feel that there cheap moncler sale is a huge opportunity to turn a negative into a positive by cheap moncler openly talking about my psoriasis, so that others can look at me and realise that they’re not alone,’ Charlotte says. cheap moncler jackets sale

‘I have learnt to incorporate my red spots into my fashion style by wearing more colourful clothes, such as head scarves my mother moncler outlet online had leant me which were previously used to hide the scalp psoriasis. It was very refreshing because I finally felt free , but it did take a while to finally get to that point.’

It took a lot of experimentation for Charlotte to figure out what was causing the problem, and she tested cutting out then reintroducing certain foods to see what was the trigger. However, it was stress that was the biggest factor.’

‘For the longest time I could not figure out what was causing my flare ups,’ Charlotte explains.

‘Since I’ve been taking away and adding back certain food groups, buy moncler jackets refined sugar or eating too much gluten seemed to be the most responsive for my skin. This was when my skin would go bright red and itchy.

moncler sale ‘It’s only when I have too much and my digestive system gets overwhelmed when my skin flares. I’ve noticed the same with alcohol, which is why I’ll only consume a little only as a treat. moncler sale

‘Stress however is probably moncler outlet store the biggest trigger, yet it was hard for me to realise at first. Overall, I think that psoriasis is very multi fractural which makes it hard to pin point exactly what causes it to flare up, especially since this has never happened to me before.’

moncler sale outlet Apparently, raspberries are really great for your circulation moncler sale outlet

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moncler outlet Demand for private counselling soars due to long NHS waiting lists moncler outlet

Charlotte’s friends and family have been a constant support for her and have helped her look at her skin condition in a positive light.

moncler outlet uk ‘My friends and family are incredibly supportive, and I am very grateful because it has made a huge difference to my recovery,’ she says. moncler outlet uk

moncler factory outlet ‘My friends like to point out monlcer down jackets how my patterned skin makes me unique with associations to nature. For example, one friend saw rose petals on the ground and said it moncler sale outlet looked like the patterns on my legs. moncler factory outlet

‘It makes me see my skin condition in a more optimistic perspective. My family have noticed how I am a lot happier now that I am embracing my condition rather than hiding it.

‘Although optimistic thinking helps a lot Moncler Outlet , it is okay to have days where you need to take time out to make yourself feel better because it can mentally be very tiring. A turning point for me was accepting that the skin condition was going to take some time to heal, and that I was not the only one suffering.

‘Going onto social media and talking to other psoriasis sufferers has really opened my eyes and helped normalise something that feels quite alien to a lot of people.

moncler outlet online ‘Even being honest about the physical and mental battle on social media has helped because a lot of people are very understanding or have been through the same thing, so they’re able to offer advice to create another support network. moncler outlet online

‘Being different is perfectly okay, because we all have aspects that makes us different from the next person. Life would be very boring if we all were exactly the same. My life has become a lot easier now that I’m learning to embrace my skin rather than trying to hide it.’

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