I still want him as dlc but I am a bit fearful the dlc pass

Whats the biggest L you’ve taken during the smash ultimate hype cycle

The one thing that finally put me firmly on team real was the fact that Marina PLV immediately issued a statement threatening to sue anyone who was trying to tarnish their reputation (which wouldn have held up in any court, but denying their involvement was absolutely the correct thing to do), but ACP PLV, the company where the leak allegedly originated, made no comment whatsoever.The fact that they didn follow Marina lead by protecting their reputation looked guilty as all hell to me. Why stay silent? If you truly have no involvement, you need to stand up and say something, otherwise people looking for canada goose sale uk your services are going to find a whole lot of articles talking about your company leaking sensitive material and not one single instance where you DENY doing so.I looked into it and these are both real companies that are at least a decade old.I still at a total loss as to why one PLV company would threaten canada goose outlet 2015 to sue the asses off of anyone claiming canada goose parka outlet they were involved with leaking confidential client info, yet another would sit there like a stupid sack of shit, replying to all inquiries with “We cannot comment on that” while their reputation was being ripped to shreds.Makes zero sense from a business perspective which is why I https://www.canadagoosejacketsforcheap.com thought the leak must been real.Either way, I hope we learn more about the Grinch leak some day. I’m a skeptic at heart, and unconfirmed leaks don’t often sit right canada goose outlet phone number with me. I find reveals are more hype when done by the devs because I can trust them. Also I like letting Nintendo do things their way, cause I don’t feel they’ve often disappointed me. Although I’m probably biased cause I didn’t have any connection with the grinch leak roster. If a FE character was leaked I would’ve been probably hyping it too. But getting Incineroar and Piranha Plant was canada goose outlet online store a plus because I actually know them I guess.Before I was indifferent to him being in the game but peeking in this sub caused me to get swept in the hype and debates on if characters were worthy to be in Smash or not. Eventually I got fired up and believed “He has to be in!! He a beloved character from a mainstream series!!” and truthfully I think I eventually wanted him in just to wipe the virtual smirks off the “never played a Kirby game before but hat goomba” crowd when really, I shouldn canada goose outlet toronto address be caring this much about other people opinions. I still want him as dlc but I am a bit fearful the dlc pass will be focused on unrepresented franchises instead. I think I can live with him not being in the game now, I am canada goose outlet capable of playing four other Smash games without him. What difference will one more make?I was so confident that people were hyping up Dark Samus and Chrom too much and that they weren going to be echo fighters. I thought Dark Samus had too different a moveset from Samus and that FE:Awakening was already represented enough for Sakurai to pick either of them as echoes and then the August Direct gave me to big L back to back. I happy there in now that I had time to reflect (and will probably end up playing Chrom) but I was so salty that first day that I was wrong.He’s been the only character I’ve REALLY wanted since before brawl came out. There’s been other characters that I’ve wanted but no other characters that make me disappointed when they didn’t get in. I would have been fine with a smash 4 port with just Waluigi added. I would have been fine with everyone is here and the only newcomer was Waluigi. I would have been fine with a smaller roster and Waluigi. I would have been fine if everyone was Waluigi (Probably would be even more excited than for Ultimate). But sadly we got precisely 0 playable Waluigi. It’s the one thing keeping me from being 100% ok if it was the last in the series for some unforeseen reason. Him being shown as an assist trophy really ruined my hype for that direct until I rewatched it. I’d thought he was gonna be in 100%, he seemed like an obvious pick for the game to fill out canada goose outlet in vancouver the four “plumbers”. Daisy being shown only made me more sure of it since she’s only been in the spin offs for the longest time. It was a real punch to the gut when he came out of that assist trophy. I was also feeling second hand indignation for fans of other characters that didn make the cut. After Simon, I had no choice but canada goose outlet woodbury to take Vergeben words to heart, even though a part of me was in huge denial. Overall, I fine with the roster except for Incineroar. Incineroar is just a cynical symbol of marketing to me, and to hear Sakurai still towing the line for The Pokmon Company and saving spots for Pokmon where canada goose outlet online reviews other characters don even get that luxury is miserable. I made my displeasure over this very apparent numerous times, and I not going to rescind it, ever. At the very least he looking to be a slow low tier pick so I won have to be assuaged by his presence all the time. If it was at least Decidueye, I would been able to stomache it. But as it stands, its a complete farce.

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