“I really hope no one from Rome

florida’s rules for returning funds for holding rental properties

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Replica Designer Handbags Last month Italian Foreign best replica bags Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi canceled a meeting with his Austrian counterpart over the issue.”After the war it was the poorest place in Italy, replica designer bags now we are the richest because we work hard, we stick to the rules and we care about our autonomy,” said Messner.”I really hope no one from Rome, Berlin or Vienna is coming to disturb our peace,” he added.Perhaps a bigger issue is concern over immigration. The region, which includes the cities of Bolzano and Trentino, is a popular destination for migrants and refugees, as well as a stop off for those seeking to enter Austria and Germany.Over the past couple of weeks Italy hard right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been canvassing there, including on Friday when campaigning ended.”You can give away passports without our consent,” he said recently.After high end replica bags the war, many of the native German speakers supported reunification with Austria and some even went as far as to commit acts of terrorism with a series of bomb attacks.Although the Austrian government has failed to yet come up with a concrete scheme, the fear is old wounds could be reopened.Nicole Windegger, 26 has a German mother tongue father and an Italian speaking mother.”My father would get an Austrian passport, and I would, but not my mother,” she told CNN. bag replica high quality “I would prefer to keep things as they are.”The ideal of full independence is inscribed in the statutes of the ruling South Tyrolean People Party, but its leading candidate, Arno Kompatscher, told AFP that most people are happy with the status quo.. Replica Designer Handbags

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