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Chilean artist Alfredo Jaar is offering up a participatory artwork at UNTITLED. As a “subtle intervention” into the fair environment: two stacks of posters, free to take and to circulate, printed with the words “FOR SALE” or “NOT FOR SALE.” Existential questioning notwithstanding, the audience is also “strongly encouraged” to use the hashtag forsalenotforsale to engage with the project via social media. Jaar’s love of aphorisms that nag at the conscience is also on display at Art Basel Public, with the installation Culture = Capital..

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Replica Bags NEW YORK There was a little good natured rivalry going on at the Loro Piana Lounge at Sotheby’s Tuesday night with the Australian and New Zealand wool farmers sizing each other up from across the room.”If you find out their secret, tell us,” laughed Pamela Sandlant of Australia’s Pyrenees Park, which won the Italian luxury brand’s Record Bale Award for producing the finest wool in the world for the fourth consecutive year. This year’s winning bale measured 10.4 microns, which edged out the 11.3 micron bale produced by New Zealand’s Visulea.”You just have to have the right sheep,” Sandlant said with a shrug, downplaying the hard work and dedication it takes to produce such a high quality fiber. First off, the breed has to be merino, which produces the finest wool, and then the herd must be nurtured and coddled. Replica Bags

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