I don think that feasible, to say the least

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All that just means CG merely a few steps away from nabbing her man for herself, since she has shared history and an already established bond with him but that advantage slowly becomes obsolescent, then negated entirely, overtime as she dithers about (just as she has done for five years for some reason) and the others forge experiences and bonds of their own with GS. Should GS come around to the idea of having intimate relations with the opposite sex by then, he might just look somewhere else for a lover.

On the contrary, having a party allowed him to take in quests with more numerous numbers of goblins. Lots more room to work with when you have two clerics, an archer, and a shaman at your disposal. Later parts of the current quest alone really drive home the fact that killing goblins with a party is a lot easier and can traverse more difficulties than killing goblins solo.

canada goose coats Maybe if he was alone he wouldn have recklessly barged inside a strange enclosed space with only 1 exit. canada goose coats

They only https://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com managed to progress further down the sewers by random chance: The stone slab GS fell onto turned out to be an entrance to the lower levels. With the lack of further information on the schematics of the map, GS would arguably have to enter the same way his party did even if he went in alone.

Plus, there are only so many ways to barricade a small, enclosed space with only a single exit, and the advantage often falls to the one with enough bodies to just negate whatever traps he has. In short, I wouldn bet on GS surviving what they encountered thus far without his party.

Canada Goose Jackets I was thinking about this because I have friends wondering how he survived goblin hunting alone all this time, when recent quests showed he needed allies to survive skirmishes. Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket Assistance from friendly strangers, not biting off more than he could chew (much), and divine intervention aka loli priestess and sheer luck when he does. buy canada goose jacket

A. The dev team focuses on bulding the regions whose histories and cultures its members are familiar with and are passionate about, eventually leading to massive focus trees and events rich with lore and applied forethought, or

B. The dev canada goose outlet store uk team half canada goose jacket outlet asses the development of an entire continent worth of nations canada goose outlet buffalo because of a lack of interest on their part, driven by the canada goose outlet montreal desire to get the “boring parts” done so its members can move on to the parts they like and have signed up to do.

canada goose coats on sale Until someone who knows South America enough offers their services to the team, we have to live with the fact that the region in question is comparatively low priority. Not to say you can make decent lore by brushing up on a couple articles and calling it a day, but given the lack of manpower and the team current commitments, the disparity in quality between the hypothetical Argentina and, say, the Egypt in the last Dev Diary will be glaring at best and insulting at worst. canada goose coats on sale

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To be fair, the guy is in his early twenties he still pretty much in the same age as a college student at this point, so he still looks more of a teen than an canada goose outlet adult.

Canada Goose online I also don see canada goose premium outlet what wrong with his face. Compare our closest approximation of it to that of some random dude in his twenties that I nabbed off the internet, and the similarities become apparent: Chiseled jawline, sharp nose, and pale features. Once that done, I think localization would be cheap in comparison. They already done the expensive part, since it released in JP, it seems like (Unless it starts hemorrhaging money) there is no financial reason to discontinue EN support. Canada Goose online

The one thing I confused about is why they bother running EN on a different version of the app it self. I don mean like “Why not skip us up to JP?” but something like the system that (from what I understand) Azur lane and Girls Frontline have where a bunch of the foundations for future content are in, but not activated. I think that bringing the versions closer together would streamline dev. and reduce their costs, but I am 100% not industry (nor do I know much about app coding) so could be totally off base.

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uk canada goose outlet Sure it is. It likely that the reasoning of the devs at DW as well. Last year Thanksgiving was an aberration, and given the backlash from the community they decided to stick with what worked and shuffle the canada goose outlet authentic guaranteed banner back to New Year it means getting junk canada goose outlet niagara falls for Black Friday. uk canada goose outlet

Besides, the question the bigwigs must answer at this point is “Why should NA/Global have three guaranteed banners, while the rest canada goose outlet new york city only have two?”

So that NA would give them more money.

canada goose clearance Which would entail structuring NA entire annual schedule so that every Servant slated to appear in a year would be released before Black Friday. I don think that feasible, to say the least. canada goose clearance

NA is about making as much money as they can off of the NA/global market. That sometimes means doing things differently than what worked in Japan.

canada goose uk outlet And if generating a profit is secondary to FGO NA objectives? As repeatedly said by DW in the past? canada goose uk outlet

In any case, I question the wisdom behind giving only one canada goose uk site server an extra guaranteed banner. It a matter of principle I otherwise be fine if the other servers were to get the same, with each banner suited to their serviced region.

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