I don think anyone expected his efficiency to get worse

Dems want your guns, that a deal. Never mind how little they did under Obama to take guns, or that gun manufacturers saw record profits continuously under Obama because of people that think exactly like you. And I could go on all day about Trump efforts to dismantle constitutional protections, like his blatant disregard for free press or his aggressive violation of pretty much any amendment that doesn say what he wants.

If the Lions are winning, odds are good Stafford isn racking up volume.As for his efficiency cheapjerseys2011, it okay. I don think anyone expected his efficiency to get worse, but if we are going down this road of comparing him to his past self then I don think it fair to drop his season opener off to make the stats look nicer. He on pace for a lower than average for him season in terms of yardage, with double digit INT numbers.

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The Reddit spam rules and Reddiquette links are linked below if you need to reference them. It been pretty cool so far; we even got a request from a woman to compose a song for her boyfriend to tell him she pregnant! But I just generally really curious about others experiences with this kind of thing. Our podcast is part of a larger NPR member station, and we juuuust starting to dip our toes into fundraising not just on the air but on podcasts as well.

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