However, they cannot use a credit card lawsuit as a threat

There we need to see how to consolidate where we can, how to synergise where we cannot consolidate and how we scale,” he said.But he refrained from saying whether or when the group would decide to take a serious call on consolidation or shutdown for scores of small Tata firms, many of which have either similar businesses to other group firms or are under performing.When asked whether he would apply the “rule of three” to each of Tata’s business (which calls for a conglomerate to operate a firm only if it among the top three in the industry), he said the direction of the companies would matter.”I think the group has enormous opportunity and we have people who want to deliver and we want to look at each of these companies where they are and where they can reach as an aspiration, but they cannot overnight switch to some number one position or number two position.

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