However, can the average woman afford the luxury of carrying a

Curiosity or anything else

– you,
Watching your days,
And you feel –
As if you were
Precious clay out of the ground,
Or maybe the ash, which wind becomes?

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Before any worlds were created, all existed in a state of perfect
Everyone on earth, in every moment, is creating and living a unique play that can be enjoyed by
If you want to experience peacefulness, then find ways to create harmony, no matter what frustrations are presented to
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Wholesale Replica Bags Tears from heaven fell tonight
A thousand angels felt my plight
Tears for a dying soul
Tears for a soul letting go

Tears like rain, to wash away
And lost hope

They come to me in my hour of need
They come for they have heard my plea

Surrounding me with angelic wings
Strength and love they bring to me
Angels sweetly give me love
A thousand angels have set me free

Passion once again will live
In a soul that is now alive
Spirit once afraid to fly
Soars with passion towards the sky

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