Everything from the trailers and Vol1 2 felt colorful and

Thanks very much Tracy and good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Also, warm welcome from my side to our full year 2017 results conference call. Our presenters today are our CEO, Kasper Rorsted; and our CFO, Harm Ohlmeyer. Ideally we can get a specialized activist group formed for people focused on this issue, kind of like Fight For The Future with net neutrality, and partner with larger activist coalitions like Avaaz or AccessNow to implement some national campaigns and support legal groups/legislators drafting bills to prevent this system. Maybe someone could get a subbreddit going to consolidate info and give people a place to get started/work together. Until then I highly encourage everyone to raise awareness however you can and respectfully voice your dissent whenever possible, it never too early to call your legistlators and with the midterm electons coming up in the US this is the perfect time to call and show them what you really care about.

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Women’s Swimwear I stumbled upon this show on Crunchyroll after bingeing My Love Story! and watched the trailers there cheap swimwear, which then prompted me to also wiki the show and saw it was a Roosterteeth production that I recognized from RvB which I loved watching with my older brothers when I was a little kid in like what. 2003?? (however I admit, I haven picked RvB up again since 2003 ^^;) But this show somehow magically transported me down a trip toward memory lane. Everything from the trailers and Vol1 2 felt colorful and alive and fun and intense but still remained light hearted in spirit, the main appeal to me was that it somehow brought upon a feeling of nostalgia that made me immediately fall for the show. Women’s Swimwear

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