Court of Appeals ruled against Oliver on technical legal

Why? It not so much that we think the government of China is actually going to pass such laws. And it not that it rational to worry about such things on a daily basis. It just that it a thing, and it not a good thing. She is next level familial codependent, and you need to separate yourself from her as fast as you can, physically, financially, emotionally. All of it. She thinks she has you wrapped around her little finger, because you still haven left when she has broken her marriage vows to you, more than once, yet you haven left her..

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Veronica Filipowski, wife of Silk Road Equity investment firm owner Andrew “Flip” Filipowski, sued Melissa Oliver under the alienation of affection law. Oliver challenged the law on constitutional grounds in state and federal court. Court of Appeals ruled against Oliver on technical legal grounds and never considered her constitutional arguments.

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