Cirelli said that one interesting finding was that this pruning

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canada goose store This pruning doesn’t necessarily cause the body to need sleep; rather, the body is taking advantage of the decreased brain traffic that occurs while an individual sleeps. [7 Mind Bending Facts About Dreams]To find goose outlet canada evidence for this, the researchers used a canada goose outlet sale new form of electron microscopy that can discern the miniscule canada goose outlet black friday changes canada goose outlet jackets in the shrinking and subsequent expansion of these microscopic synapses at the nanometer level in canada goose outlet reviews mice brains. They found that a few canada goose outlet online hours of sleep led to an 18 percent decrease in the size of the canada goose outlet nyc synapses on average.Cirelli said that one interesting finding was that this pruning occurred in about 80 percent of the synapses but spared the largest ones. canada goose store

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