Characters have separate levels and experience totals for each

The picture is kind of what it looks like sorry for the poor quality (had to photograph it to get it into jpeg).I not sure how you can compare this year versus last year without a snapshot report, but this might help:you can change the grouping to one of several standard values from within the Report Designer, at the Close Date field there should be a little pull down icon. From there, click it and select “Group Dates by” and then Calendar Year (or evenFiscal Year if you want).Okay, for that you want to create a Summary or Matrix report and double group it on Close Date using the Close Date and Close Date 2 fields. Your primary grouping will be by Close Date grouped by “Calendar Month in Year” your second grouping will be by Close Date 2 grouped by “Calendar Year”.Where would I be able to find “Close Date 2”? It isn on the drag and drop list of fields when I search for it to add to my matrix and I can add close date twice to my matrix..

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