Camryn Pryor led Salem with four points

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Fake Designer Bags Any lingering doubts about the outcome of the contest were put to rest in the third quarter, as Salem dominated the quarter 22 10 to build a thirty point lead, 64 34 headed to the fourth quarter. Curley paced Salem’s attack with ten points, Hanning and Nash scored four each, and Bilyeu and Shelby Carr added two apiece in the quarter. The Lady Tigers would take the fourth quarter by a score of 10 8 to account for the final score of 74 42. Camryn Pryor led Salem with four points, while Hanning, Bilyeu, and Trista Heavin scored two each in the fourth. “We had a great crowd tonight, the girls love the support,” Coach Frillman said. “I feel like we played a great team game tonight. Fake Designer Bags

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