Cable and Satellite channels have no mandated obligation to

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Designer Replica Bags 30. Marking a first for a hotel, it opened on Dec. We have limited points of sale in Paris so this was a great new way to introduce our manicure to our target audience. They can telecast objectionable programming without consequence.Local TV stations like FOX 12 and PDX TV, by law, must maintain a main studio locally and a public file detailing our operations in the local community.Cable and Satellite channels are not required to maintain a public file or anything else related to service to the local community.Local TV stations must comply with strict rules for broadcasting political advertising and by law must not discriminate in selling advertising to candidates.Periodic Federal re licensing ensures that local TV stations comply with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).Cable and Satellite channels are not subject to such rules. They are not licensed to serve local communities by the FCC.Local TV station serves the youth in local communities with educational programming and safe guards against inappropriate content.Local TV stations donate funding and airtime to charities that support our youth.Local TV stations nationwide contribute and help raise $10 billion annually for public service.Cable and Satellite channels have no mandated obligation to serve our children or to provide public service to others in our local communities.If the only newspaper you could read is USA Today and the only TV news you could watch is CNN or one of the other national Cable news channels, who would cover the news, weather and sports here in Portland? Who would hold local civic and business leaders accountable? Who would protect residents from local scams? Who will get the message out to help raise funds for local charities? Who would be there for us in weather emergencies? Who would connect us with what happening in town?Localism is at the forefront of local TV stations operations. In emergency situations, it is the local broadcaster, not the cable or satellite companies, on the scene providing the public with timely, and often lifesaving, information Designer Replica Bags.

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