Both the BMW and Audi can only serve up 480 litres of space

The more shapely body has come at the expense of a slightly reduced boot capacity, but the 563 litre load bay is only 87 litres smaller than you’ll find in a Passat. Both the BMW and Audi can only serve up 480 litres of space. That plunging roofline has only stolen a few millimeters of headroom, too, but those over six foot will be more than comfortable in the rear.

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I’ve always had gastrointestinal distress something I’ve been meaning to see a doctor about so going all in for this story may not have been the smartest decision on my part. I’ve eaten dairy my entire life, but this was more than I was used to. Full disclosure: I felt weirdly gassy during my month of full on full fat dairy products.

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