Ben Tre Export – Import Joint Stock Company (Betrimex)

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No. 75, Road 30/4, Salary: Negotiable
Agricultural engineer
Ben Tre Import – Export JSC fake prada bags china
Description job details

– Testing the quality of seedlings, training the knowledge on planting techniques for agriculture – Monitoring the plant development and development of the project; catching up on the seasonal situation, pest and other factors affecting the growth and development of the plant – Directly to the fake prada bags cheap coconut garden to monitor the situation of pests and diseases solutions proposed – Direction Lead the farmers on the cultivation techniques, harvest raw materials – Plan and propose agricultural materials for cultivation;
– Conducting periodical reports on the status of work with the QL
– Other tasks as required by the Department and VNL Construction and Development Board * PHUC LOI AND WORK ENVIRONMENT < - Competitive income matching the ability to do - Attractive bonus, including: 13th month, Bonus on holidays, irregular bonus for individuals with excellent performance, Bonus according to business results of the company ... - To participate in all types of insurance according to regulations Cheap Prada and other insurance such as 24/24 Insurance, Bao Viet health insurance for management level –
– Professional, stable, friendly and dynamic working environment – Opportunities for career advancement and development – Training regime: Participating in training courses in and out – Other modes: ngh yearly, birthday.

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