At one part of it he found there was a $9 bottle of vodka

I bought seven3 litrecasks of red wine, he’d do one of those a day. At one part of it he found there was a $9 bottle of vodka, you could get two bottles for $18, he’d drink two, sometimes three, of those in a day. That was when things got rapidly worse for him.”. Several pointed to a key passage in Eaton’s book that indicates the artists gave him their work with the understanding that it would be part of an exhibition and not end up in a private collection: “It was my intention. To purchase a number of objects for an exhibition which I hoped could be circulated throughout the country, but I found that few of the craftsmen had any thought of selling the things they had made; they were saving them as ‘going away gifts,’ or to send to friends outside of camp, or just to keep in the family. They offered to give me things to the point of embarrassment, but not to sell them.”Seeing those artifacts and old photos up for sale to the highest bidder was a fresh blow.

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