As Spicebomb enters its final phase

Butane lighters also have the advantage of using a much cleaner burning fuel. Cigar and pipe smokers generally prefer these models because fluid tends to pollute the taste of tobacco. In cases where the lighter is simply being used for utilitarian purposes, such as lighting campfires, the butane lighters have another advantage.

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Spicebomb’s tobacco (somewhat like the tobacco in Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque) is ample, diffuse and elegant; it comes to the fore accompanied by a spark of chili. As Spicebomb enters its final phase, the tobacco note is sweetened (with tonka bean?). I like Spicebomb..

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Indeed, if you follow Harris’ work with ABC and The Miami Herald, you too may come to the conclusion that police fingered the wrong man. But, that’s not where Harris’ story and investigation ends. As Harris posits in The Unsolved Murder of Adam Walsh, which has turned into a two wholesale replica designer handbags book series, Adam Walsh may not have been murdered after all.

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