As Robert Wittman, who founded theFBI art crime team, explains

“I think it is certainly an interesting call. It does show to us that the boats are very, very power hungry. I think that’s a concern for all the teams. But even his squeaky clean hits aren’t always so squeaky clean. Take Blurred Lines: The song, written mostly by Williams, was roundly criticized for its arguably misogynist come ons (“I know you want it”) and was banned at several British universities. Even Blurred Lines’ melody proved controversial, prompting a lawsuit from Marvin Gaye’s estate, which called it a ripoff of 1977’s Got to Give It Up.

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Aware of so many examples of art crime, enough in fact to warrant an entire national FBI Art Crime division, we can excuse the security measures and discuss what motivates these acts to occur in the first place. The case of the stolen Dali painting is easiest to close first: most likely this novice thief aims to sell it. As Robert Wittman, who founded theFBI art crime team, explains frankly : “Generally speaking, art thieves are fairly good criminals, but they’re terrible businessmen.

For those who missed the actual spot (now available all over the web), it will forever stand as an icon of advertising one whose creators, no doubt, thought would be breakthrough in terms of ‘buzz’ and ‘disruption,’ but which ultimately is nothing more than culturally myopic, tactless, and offensive. The decision to air this spot was also breathtakingly nave of Groupon’s management and, even more so, of their agency. Together, they managed to accomplish surround sound insult: belittling the cause and struggle of the Tibetan people wholesale replica designer handbags while, at the same time, lobbing an implied, but unmistakable criticism at China for what is arguably that country’s most sensitive regional, ethnic and human rights issue.

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