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The loss of our cognitive abilities can be a slow, insidious process and the transition from normal aging to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can be difficult to recognize and diagnose in its early phases. A new classification system for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) recognizes that Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) may be an early phase of AD that may progress to dementia. However, at this time, it is difficult to predict which person will go on to develop AD and which one will not.

Stella McCartney Replica Bags Apartment in Sirzenich (Trierweiler)
€ 197,000 – Luxembourg

Apartment with terrace and garden for sale in Sirzenich (municipality of Trierweiler).

The village is located in the South Eifel near the border with Luxembourg (The border is reached in 7 minutes).
Trierweiler is located 2.5 km (west of the air), Trier 3 km east and the city of Luxembourg 35 km
Equipment and information:

– Living space: 84 m2, construction year: 1997,
living room and dining room in parquet floor (27,56 m2), -built-up kitchen (7,17 m2),
— hallway to the bedrooms -Parquet-, -Bathroom -Tiles- with mirror cabinet, loo, bath, shower, chest of drawers and lamps (7.5 m2)
-Guest-WC -Tliesen- (2 m2),
Storage room,
garden in south exposure, is to enter through the living area (38 m2),
terrace (12 m2), -welled room, -1 outdoor parking space next to the apartment, < br> -cable connection in the house,
-heating type: central heating,
-Conditioning type: oil,
-Skitchen equipment: against About the apartment (without stairs reachable), download -The apartment is on the ground (ground floor)
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