And if the location is as amazing as Maui there is no denying

our web page Beach lovers will adore Boston Bay, which is protected by headlands and has warm, toasty water and change rooms. Colin Bell, who runs the concessions on site, told me he doesn want the Port Antonio region to stay a secret. government is building a new road but we need more employment here. I mean, our nature and environment? There nothing like it. If there ever been a garden of Eden, this is it. There also a stunning beach at Frenchman Cove Provincial Park that wedged between two high cliffs. The floors are uneven and almost as sloped as a pitcher mound, and the shelves are filled with everything from pictures of Barack Obama to bobbleheads of former baseball starms. But it got undeniable charm, plus lovely views of the water. They weren open for dining when I stopped in but I hear the food is good.

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