Although pricey you have to ask yourself the question of what

Patient discussion about impingementQ. What does c4 5 mild central disk bulging impinging upon cervical cord without spinal stenosis or distortion of the cord. Mild righ neural foraminal narrowing from uncovertebral joint hypertropy meanA. I did not expect much self generated pollution as we have wood flooring (tiles in the shower room) and almost all the furniture is of some age or indeed antique. I was therefore pleased when with windows shut the air was very clean and the readings rose little when windows were open.Does it work I wondered, so with the aid of extension cable positioned the device in both front and back gardens where much higher levels were recorded.My wife suffers from asthma and bronchitis and we needed something to ensure that the air that she breathes was as pure as possible. The air purifier is certainly helping her and she is coughing and wheezing less, and the function of her lungs is definitely improved.We have been sufficiently impressed to buy a second unit so we have one in the lounge and one in the bedroom.Although pricey you have to ask yourself the question of what price you put on your health, and I have no regrets at all in buying the two air purifiers.I will be very interested to see how the units help my wife in Spring and early Summer next year because the various pollens affect her breathing really badly..

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